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You truely are a monster. I'm not comfortable continuing this quiz.
How do you prepare Starfish?\n\n[[Fried]]\n[[Boiled]]
Turtle or Raven\n\n[[Turtle]]\n[[Raven]]
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<<set $one = 2>>\n<<display Yes>>
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CHICKEN\n\n[[Buck Buck]]
This is a personality quiz. Please be honest.\n\n[[Question Zero]]
Halloween Quiz
<<set $one = 4>>\n<<display Yes>>
What do you like more?\n\n[[Scaring people]]\n[[Drinking peoples blood]]\n[[Biting people]]\n[[Setting people on fire]]
Starfish have a hard shell. Do you have large teeth or an orifice other than a mouth to eat\n\n[[Mouth]]\n[[Other thing]]
What food do you like the most?\n\n[[Steak]]\n[[Eggs]]\n[[Pie|Question One]]\n[[Children]]
This is a very Asian preparation. Are you Asian in nature?\n\n[[Yes|Asia]]\n[[No America|Question One]]\n[[No Antartica|Antartica]]
Don't you feel bad about that? Hurting people is immoral.\n\n[[Yes]]\n[[No]]
Thats made of meat\n\n[[yes|truth]]\n[[no|lie]]
[img[kappa.png]]\nHope you have imp armor
<<set $one = 1>>\n<<display Yes>>
It's good to be honest\n[img[dude.png]]
Do you mean things that have parents? Like birds and sheep, as oppossed to ameba and starfish?\n\n[[I changed my mind Starfish]]\n[[Birds and Sheep]]