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[img[kid7.png]]\n\nLocated in subject "Child"'s room on floor.
Artifact 1 is described as a yellow wiffle bat with a butter knife attached with scotch tape. Written in washable black marker is "Sper". Artifact is at lab for analysis.\n\n[[Back|The Murdock Family Incident]]
File 2012223\n[[The Murdock Family Incident]]
Document redacted in full. Description: Autopsy report of subject "Dad".\n\n[[Back|The Murdock Family Incident]]
[img[kid3.png]]\n\nDocument was recovered at subject code named "Child"'s school.\n\n[[Back|The Murdock Family Incident]]
[img[kid1.png]]\n\nDocument was found undamaged in Site A.\n\n[[Back|The Murdock Family Incident]]
[img[kid5.jpg]]\n\nLocated in subject "Child"'s room on floor. Written on "The Great Hunt" by Robert Jordan. Anaylsis of ink indicated two pens, but only one matching pen, for left writting, found on site.\n\n[[Back|The Murdock Family Incident]]
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The Murdock Family Incident
[img[kid4.png]]\n\nAttached is a business card for a child psychologists. Psychologist was interviewed but never made contact with "Child"\n\n[[Back|The Murdock Family Incident]]
[img[kid6.png]]\n\nLocated in subject "Child"'s room on floor.\n\n[[Back|The Murdock Family Incident]]
The following was recovered from "Site A".\n\n[[Document 1|Document One]]\n[[Document 2|Document Two]]\n[[Artifact 1|Artifact One]]\n[[Document 3 |Document Three]]\n[[Document 4|Document Four]]\n[[Artifact 2|Artifact Two]]\n[[Document 5|Document Five]]\n[[Document 6|Document Six]]\n[[Document 7|Document Seven]]\n[[Initial Contact Report]]
[img[kid2.png]]\n\nDocument was found undamaged in Site A.\n\n[[Back|The Murdock Family Incident]]
Team became aware of site when reading hit threshold. Incident had progressed beyond recovery point. Subject "Dad" was found dead on porch of site A. Subject "Mom" was killed by insertion team. Subject "Child" was found under blanket with artifact 1. \n\nFull clean reccomended.\n\n[[Back|The Murdock Family Incident]]