I do not take that route anymore, no matter the urging of the GPS.
I'd like to take a moment and tell you a ghost story that actually happened to [[me]].
The glow of the GPS urged me [[onward|onwardddd]]
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It was October, and I had gotten a late start after work. I was taken the trip solo, and since I wasn't familiar with the route I was following my [[GPS]]
Instead it was a girl, glowing faintly white. I distinctly remeber seeing her [[face]]
Freaked out a bit, and praying I didn't encounter another car on this narrow path, I spied something glowing up in the [[distance]].
Instead I had made it back to paved road, and the comfort of houses and streetlights. The girl in white was no longer [[there]].
I didn't know how to react at that point. I glanced at the [[GPS|GGG]]
With a loud crunch I was suddenly on a dirt road! This was especially unnerving since it was only wide enough for one car to go through at a time, and there was nothing be darkness and what I assumed to be a [[field]] on either side of me.
The glow of the GPS urged me [[onward|onwardd]]
The glow of the GPS urged me [[onward|onwarddd]]
The glow of the GPS urged me [[onward|onwarddddd]]
Exaggeration aside, it is similar to Fallout, in that there can be a profound sense of being alone, which I was, on my first trip back [[home]].
The glow of the GPS urged me [[onward]].
It wasn't a [[streetlight|streetlightt]]
An October Trip
I looked up. The girl, who was in the field, was distinctly closer now, and definitly getting closer. In a panic, I looked a the GPS! How much longer was this [[road|roadd]]!!
I looked back at the girl again. She was glowing white and her gaze was steady. She was nearly to the edge of the field by this point. Praying, I looked at the [[GPS|PPP]]!
This was unusual, but not crazy. I [[continued]] down the road.
The glow of the GPS urged me [[onward|onwardddddd]]
I was passing through one of these towns the darkness of night had settled around me, when my GPS told me to take a particular [[road]].
Anyone who has driven in South Carolina knows there are large streches of mostly empty road, where your cell phone loses all signal and you rarely pass anyone. My wife has compared it to [[Fallout]]
Then I passed the last streetlight and [[house]].
To get to my hometown, you can only get so far on the Interstate, and occasionally you encounter rural [[towns]]
Most of you know that I grew up in South Carolina and I currently live in Florida. My parents live there [[now]].
"Oh good" I though "A [[streetlight]]"
I looked up again and the girl was nearly next to my car at this point. I wanted to scream up I could [[not]].
I thought I would pass her, but as soon as I was parrellel, she moved along with the [[car]].
She wasn't running or moving, just kind of tacked in [[space]].
She was staring straight at [[me|meee]].
There was a loud crack and I feared I had blown a [[tire]]
The first thing I noticed was the road lacked the painting [[stripe]].